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AMD Ryzen 9 4900H Mobile Processors with Radeon Graphics

The AMD Ryzen 9 4900H is a high-performance System on Chip mobile processor launched in March 2020 for big and relatively heavy laptops. The chip, like all other Ryzen 4000 APUs (Accelerated Processing Units), is based on the Zen 2 architecture and is built using TSMC’s 7nm processing technology making it more efficient than previous generation APUs. The CPU has a default TDP of 35-45W for higher performance per watt with a maximum operating temperature of 105oC in machines with efficient cooling systems.

The Ryzen 9 4900H features an integrated AMD Radeon Vega 8 Mobile GPU on the chip’s die, with 8 compute units operating at a maximum clock speed of 1750MHz. Unlike the AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, the Ryzen 9 4900H is slightly faster with 150MHz in GPU clock speed and Vega 8 graphics. Furthermore, the Ryzen 9 4900H features 8MB of L3 cache and 4MB L2 cache on its Renoir die.

Also, the processor supports up to 8 cores with SMT (Simultaneous multithreading) Technology, allowing it to have up to 16 threads running simultaneously. The cores operate at a base clock speed of 3.3GHz with turbo boost up to 4.4GHz (with a locked multiplier), which is 0.4GHz and 0.2GHz higher than the base clock and turbo frequencies of the Ryzen 7 4800H respectively. All these features make the Ryzen 9 4900H better than average with the ability to handle very demanding tasks like content creation and gaming. However, when compared to Intel Core i7-10750H, the Ryzen 8 4900H is better with 1.69 times faster CPU speed, four more threads, higher RAM speed, and smaller processing technology (7nm vs. 14nm).

It also comes with a dual memory controller that supports DDR4-3200 and LPDDR4-4266 enabling laptops devices to handle high-powered computing, high-resolution video, larger screen displays, and to enhance user experience all the while maintaining its battery life. Besides, this SoC chip is connected to other computer components via the PCIe version 3.0 interface.

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