Microsoft Dual-Screen Surface Device Codenamed ‘Centaurus’ Reportedly Showcased Internally

Microsoft Dual-Screen Surface Device Codenamed ‘Centaurus’ Reportedly Showcased Internally

Microsoft Dual-Screen Surface Device Codenamed ‘Centaurus’ Reportedly Showcased Internally

Microsoft is working on a stripped down version of Windows for dual-screen devices

Rumours of a dual-screen Surface device have been making the rounds of the Internet for the past few years. Now, according to a new report, Microsoft has demoed a dual-screen Surface prototype at an internal event. The device, codenamed ‘Centaurus’, has more in common with the Courier Tablet from the Steve Ballmer days than the rumoured pocketable Surface device codenamed ‘Andromeda’. Centaurus is expected to run ‘Windows Lite’ – a stripped down version of Microsoft’s popular operating system that will reportedly be designed exclusively for dual-screen devices initially, before being made available for Chromebook competitors.

The Centaurus device is expected to be the first of a new wave of Microsoft dual-screen laptop-tablet hybrids, a device category Intel has been heavily investing in. The Verge report claims the device was showcased at an all hands event, where employees from Microsoft’s device team had a chance to take a look at the prototype. Furthermore, the report claims the device might hit store shelves within six months.

A report by Windows Central back in 2018 brought up the Centaurus device and claimed that the pocketable ‘Andromeda’ concept has been put on hold. While there has been no official confirmation from Microsoft regarding both ‘Centaurus’ and ‘Andromeda’, Panos Panay, Chief product officer of Microsoft’s Devices group, during an interview with The Verge, referred to the rumoured pocketable surface as “absolutely his baby”.

Microsoft reportedly also demonstrated a working version of xCloud, its gaming streaming service, as well as a new prototype version of Microsoft Teams at the all-hands event where Centaurus was teased. More details regarding xCloud as well as its public trials are expected to be announced at Microsoft’s E3 event this Sunday.

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